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Made to help stimulate pressure points for ultimate relaxation - our weighted neck pillow is so soft, you’ll never want to take it off. Shop today!

While rest is essential for all of us, sleep doesn’t always come so easily. Slip on this weighted neck pillow to give your body the extra help it needs to reach a relaxed state and recuperate from the day. Supersoft neck pillow weighs approximately 4 lbs. Inner clay beads are designed to gently stimulate pressure points. Beads can be heated or cooled by removing the pillow’s outer shell. Believed to relieve stress, tension, and aches on the shoulders and neck.

Gravity Weighted Neck Pillow Black

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Take this weighted blanket on the go this holiday season. This weighted blanket can roll up into a pack, is water resistant, and dirt resistant making it the perfect companion for the plane, train, or outdoors.

Gravity Flex Travel Blanket Black

A luxurious science-backed weighted blanket engineered to be approximately 10% of your body weight. The Cooling Blanket is available in a selection of three modern neutrals Grey Navy or White. Perfect for the bed or couch in any decor This design features a revolutionary cooling fabric optimized to wick away moisture and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Gravity Weighted Blanket Grey / Single: 15lb

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